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Religious group wants to build McDonald’s in a church
The creative businessman from New Jersey, supported by Christian design consulting firm Lux Dei Design, has set up a fundraising page with the hashtag #feastforjesus.
10 essential foodie gadgets
A new apron and a nice knife just aren't enough.
Ken Box 2.0 ups the Crazy Kart crazy
Now that's crazy.
Courtney Force and Rahal announce engagement
Two of the most famous names in racing are uniting.
Thanksgiving dinner shortcuts no one will suspect
Don’t waste time making these Thanksgiving side dishes from scratch.
Chinese automaker copies Range Rover Evoque
Land Rover is not flattered.
Honda builds its 300,000,000 motorcycle
A milestone that few automakers have reached.
‘Roofie Colada’ dessert drink pulled from bar menu after social media outcry
The poorly named dish left a bad taste in diner’s mouths.
Cars and trucks we can't have...but definitely want
There are a lot of great foreign cars for sale in the United States, but plenty more don't make the trip. Check out some of our favorite forbidden fruit.
Get your Thanksgiving questions answered
Don’t let curiosity overcook the turkey; get your Thanksgiving questions answered here.
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uBreakiFix gadget repair shop opens in Wichita
A franchise of the uBreakiFix gadget repair chain is now open at 2441 N. Maize Road in Wichita. The operator is David Hensley, who previously ran a Wichita business called Disciple Tech. Hensley says in a news release that he and his partners intend to open additional Wichita locations within the next two years. uBreakiFix began as a mail-in repair facility and opened its first brick-and-mortar location in 2009 in Florida. It now has nearly 100 locations, and it was named the nation's 13th fastest-growing…
MakeICT president: Knight grant solves makerspace’s chicken-and-egg problem, could propel move
There's a catch-22 when it comes to creating a "makerspace" — a space where members can use shared equipment to build prototypes, inventions and crafts, says MakeICT President Dominic Canare. The problem is that equipment is what attracts members, but it's hard to buy the equipment before membership fees start rolling in. MakeICT is a young makerspace at 914 W. Douglas. Its current equipment, which includes a 3D printer, CNC router, lathe and other tools, mostly was donated by founding members. Canare…
Cocoa Dolce e-commerce feature lets shoppers build a box of chocolates remotely
Shoppers who visit Cocoa Dolce Artisan Chocolates stores in Wichita and Overland Park have always been able to customize which goodies they want to be packed into their chocolate boxes. Now, online shoppers at can have the same experience. Cocoa Dolce recently launched a graphical Build A Box feature on its website. Shoppers start with an empty box with room for three, nine, 18 or 36 chocolates and select which they want to appear in the box. When a chocolate is selected, it…
New Meetup group hopes to boost drone industry in the Air Capital
A new group of people interested in the unmanned ariel systems industry are coming together to try and begin to find ways to push it forward in Wichita. John Martens — an area firefighter and CEO and founder of NMotion UAS— has organized the group through Its inaugural meeting is at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Pumphouse. Martens says the purpose of getting the group together is to bring together people with an interest in collaborating on drone projects that could help make the Air Capital…
That Barbie computer science book and how it could have been so much better
The title sounded promising. "I Can Be a Computer Engineer" is a Barbie book that was published in 2010. As you may have noticed if you pay any attention at all to issues of technology, gender or Barbie, it's recently been at the center of a firestorm after a take-down by blogger Pamela Ribon. (Please note the post is not for those offended by expletives.) The biggest problem with the book is that the Barbie character appears to have some level of interest in computer science — she has an idea…
A closer look at Koch’s newest acquisition
Koch Industries Inc. on Wednesday announced plans to buy California-based Oplink Communications Inc. in a $445 million deal that will add to its capabilities in the technology industry. Oplink will be managed by Molex, which builds electronic components and connectors, and was itself bought by Koch in a $7.2 billion deal last year. Company CEO Charles Koch talked at length about Molex and the opportunities in technology when he sat down with the WBJ earlier this year. He also foreshadowed the…
Give the server your table’s vibe with app under development in Wichita
A Wichita teacher is spearheading a local team creating TableVibe, a mobile application that would help restaurant wait staff to see at a glance which tables need service and which want to be left alone. Kara Winter says the idea arose about a year ago after she and a teacher friend went out to dinner. They felt like they were being over-served. "We kept getting interrupted for things we didn't need," Winter says. She says she doesn't blame the waitress, who was just trying to take care of tables…
The imaginative patent applications of Airbus
If you're going to dream, dream big. The creative engineers at Airbus are certainly doing that, as the company made headlines this week with a patent application for what some called a "flying doughnut." Just because a company files for a patent, and even if it's granted, doesn't mean it will ever come to fruition. And Airbus files for hundreds of patents every year. But just because many — if not most — won't become reality, it's still fun to imagine "what if?" Click the adjoining slideshow…
Startup Weekend winner helps landlords, tenants investigate each other
Kenton Hansen has landlords in his family, and he's a renter. He says both parties — landlords and tenants — face a problem. They don't know enough about one another to know whether signing a lease is a good idea. That's the problem RentRep, one of four startups to emerge from Wichita's Startup Weekend, is designed to solve. RentRep won both the judges' and community choice awards during the weekend-long create-a-business competition. Among other features, the website would allow tenants and…
Code school organizers partner with Butler to launch Ad Astra Academy
A beta trial of a web development boot camp in Wichita has evolved into a formal series of workshops and courses affiliated with Butler Community College. Ad Astra Academy launches with an entry-level workshop on HTML and CSS on Nov. 21. Several more workshops will follow, and a series of longer-term courses is set to start in early 2015. The academy got its start with a trial that began in July. The program, which ended last week, was organized by a team of local developers. I've been writing…

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