Hip-hop producer, rapper Mally Mall pleads guilty to running illegal prostitution business

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Mally Mall, 44-year-old hip hop producer and rapper, pleaded guilty Monday to charges of owning and operating an illegal prostitution business. (KSNV)

Famous hip hop producer and Las Vegas resident Mally Mall pleaded guilty Monday, Oct. 21, to owning and operating a prostitution business, disguising it as multiple escort services, according to the Department of Justice.

Mally Mall, whose real name is Jamal Rashid, came into fame when his name was mentioned in Drake’s song “The Motto.” He and his team have also produced music with famous artists like Chris Brown, Usher, Snoop Dogg and Drake, according to AllMusic. He was also featured on VH1’s reality TV show ‘Love & Hip Hop with then-girlfriend Nikki Mudarris.

The 44-year-old pleaded guilty to one count of use of an interstate facility in aid of unlawful activity.

Information in the plea agreement states that Mall owned, operated and managed several businesses in Clark County that purported to offer legal escort services between April 2002 and September 2014.

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He admitted to carrying unlawful prostitution business through these businesses.

Routinely using or making others use cell phones, among other things, Mall effectively caused women that worked at his escort businesses to engage in acts of prostitution. In some instances, Mall’s credit card was used to pay for airfare and travel-related expenses, using various paid websites like Backpage and Eros to advertise women for prostitution.

The plea agreement says that Mall admitted to persuading and tempting a number of women to participate in prostitution.

The producer and rapper made headlines most recently in 2016 when his exotic pet caracal cat was killed in a fire at his $1.5 million home.

A sentencing hearing for the prostitution charges is scheduled for Jan. 21, 2020.