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Russia's Day of Reckoning

Congress has left the building. Senate and the House officially left town for the holidays.. after extending tax breaks for teachers, banks, retailers and commuters to keep temporary tax breaks for another year. The package will add $42 billion to the deficit.

President Obama signed the $1.1 trillion spending bill into law.. it funds the government through September. Homeland Security only gets money through February with Congress wanting to weigh in on the President's immigration executive actions.

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Terror in Pakistan, Australia

New details emerging about the terror attack in Sydney yesterday. The raid came to an end after 16 hours when police heard gunshots and ran into the café where the crazed gunman was holding several people hostage. The gunman was killed as well as 2 hostages. 4 more hostages are injured. Police are suggesting the death toll would have been higher if they hadn't entered when they did. The terrorist is being described as a mentally ill Iranian refugee who had a criminal record. Amy Kellogg reporting, and we'll have analysis from several guests.

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Terror in Sydney

An apparent terror attack under way right now in Sydney. An armed terrorists taking hostages at a popular Sydney café forcing female hostages to hoist an ISIS flag in the café window. Five hostages have escaped so far.. as the siege continued.. now underway for at least 15 hours. Police are reportedly in contact with the hostage taker, and haven't confirmed it's a terror attack. The U.S. has evacuated the consulate and warned Americans in Australia to remain vigilante. Greg Palkot reporting from London.

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Big Banks Win

Huge drama on Capitol Hill all day yesterday and last night. The House barely passing a $1.1 trillion spending bill to keep the government running. There was a rebellion on the left as lawmakers left in a giveaway to the big banks.. essentially insuring the American taxpayer will be on the hook for any major losses by the big banks for risky trading. JP Morgan lobbied legislators to make the bill happen, and Citibank reportedly helped write the bill.

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Wide Array of Reaction to CIA Interrogation Report

The Senate Intel Committee report on the CIA's interrogation methods after 9/11 that was released yesterday during our first hour generating a ton of controversy and reaction in the past 24 hours. President Obama, VP Biden and Senator John McCain said the CIA's use of enhanced interrogation hurt U.S. interests and credibility. The report suggests the U.S. conducted waterboarding, starvation, sleep deprivation, and other cruel practices to get information from terrorists.

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Senate Intel Committee Bombshell Report Out at 11am

At 11am the Senate Intel Committee headed by U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein releases a report on the interrogation techniques used on terror suspects after 9/11. It's expected to criticize the use of torture and question the strength of the information it gleaned. Many have questioned the wisdom of releasing the heavily redacted report for fear it will inflame tensions worldwide and could hurt U.S. national security. Others say it's long overdue. Feinstein now expected to take the Senate floor at 11am to speak about the report. Catherine Herridge, Ed Henry and Greg Palkot reporting.

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Violent Protests in California's Bay Area

A massive fire in downtown Los Angeles has shut down parts of two major freeways. The fire is being fought by some 250 firefighters and can be seen from miles away. It's a tall residential building currently under construction.

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We Have Liftoff

We have liftoff!

A beautiful rocket launch this morning. NASA launching the Orion space capsule on a test mission just a few minutes ago. The rocket could eventually be used for a mission to Mars! The space capsule is expected to splash down around 11:35 AM in the Pacific Ocean about six hundred miles from Baja, California.

Phil Keating reporting and we'll talk about what it means to the U.S. space program with guest Ken Christensen.

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House Action

Capitol Hill will be busy today.

Congress set to pass a $585 billion defense spending bill and send it to the Senate. The measure gives President Obama authority to expand the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

The House will also likely pass a bill that declares President Obama's actions on illegal immigration "null and void." It stands no chance of passage in the Senate.

We learned yesterday that 17 states are suing over the President's executive orders on immigration.

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Congressional Chess

Big drama on Capitol Hill where we're waiting on details from Congress about how they'll tackle spending measures to keep the government funded. The deadline is December 11th. It looks like most programs will get funded through the new year except for Homeland Security which funds immigration matters. The GOP apparently wants to punish President Obama for his Executive Orders on immigration, and will withhold funds until they have majorities in the House and Senate next year.

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