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Crisis Mode

President Obama facing crises all over the world today including the Ebola outbreak in Africa, the terror threat from ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and the threat from Russia in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

Today the President meets on ISIS with General John Allen and Deputy Special Presidential Envoy Brett McGurk at the White House. President Obama has authorized air strikes inside Syria, and the Whtie House is making clear that if Syrian dictator Bashir Assad fires on American aircraft, the U.S. will target Syrian air defenses and the Syrian army.

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NYFW: The Betsey Johnson Spring 2015 Spectacular

As usual designer Betsey Johnson put on quite a show for New York Fashion Week.

The designer also debuted last night on "Dancing With the Stars." She was rehearsing for the prime-time dance show while preparing for fashion week. Pretty amazing for a 72-year-old!

Johnson brought the house down at the tents at Lincoln Center last week. The theme was weddings, and it was called, with tongue-firmly-in-cheek "Pre-Nup".

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Targeting ISIS

Horrible news. Over the weekend we learned a British aid worker named David Haines was executed by ISIS. The terror group also threatening to kill another British citizen being held hostage. His name is

Alan Henning. British Prime Minister David Cameron vowing that Britain will hunt down those responsible.

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New York Fashion Week - Spring 2015 Collections Trend Report

New York Fashion Week just wrapped up with designers showing their Spring 2015 collections.

There were several trends to report.

Mesh was omnipresent. It was in skirts at J Crew, dresses and skirts at Milly by Michelle Smith, used as a flourish at Reem Acra, and showed up at Vivienne Tam.

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Coalition of the Semi-Willing?

President Obama hosts an event today at the White House at 11:20 to mark the 20th anniversary of the AmeriCorps national service program. President Clinton will be there too. (He started the program).

1120EDT -- The president delivers remarks at a nationwide AmeriCorps pledge ceremony marking 20th anniversary of the

National Service Program, South Lawn (FOX LIVE) *Joining him will be President Clinton, who established the program and swore in the first class in 1994.

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Pres Obama's War on ISIS As We Remember 9/11

President Obama gave a prime time address last night promising a long effort to stop ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria. President Obama said the expanded military campaign would include American air strikes in Syria, and expanded strikes in Iraq. He said the U.S. needs to degrade and destroy ISIS. President Obama saying, "I have made it clear, we'll hunt down terrorists who threaten our country wherever they are. That means I will not hesitate to take action against ISIL in Syria as well as Iraq." 500 more U.S. troops will be sent to Iraq, but no combat troops.

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NATO Versus Russia

Important meetings today in Wales.. where the heads of state from more than sixty nations meet to discuss the future of NATO, Afghanistan, what to do about Russian aggression and many other hotspots around the world. All of NATO's 28 member countries will be represented.

Russia today says NATO is threatening to derail "peace talks" over Ukraine. Um.. More than 2,600 people have been killed as pro-Russian separatists battle in Ukraine.

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"Meandering and Contradictory"

The lead today remains the story that broke during the second hour of Happening Now yesterday.. the beheading of a second American journalist by ISIS terrorists. The beheading tape was released yesterday afternoon, and its authenticity has been confirmed the White House. President Obama is in Estonia today and gave a news conference that may have left some viewers scratching their heads. Ed Henry characterized it as "meandering and contradictory." President Obama said Americans will not be intimidated by the "horrific" violence on ISIS and that justice would be served.

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The Midterms & Foreign Policy Messes

President Obama heading for the Baltic today as tensions with Russia remain at a boiling point. President Obama leaves this afternoon for Estonia. It comes as NATO leaders are set to meet in Wales, and endorse substantial sanctions against Russia. Ukraine warning of "a great war" with Russia. Russia continues to establish a new front that could become part of a land bridge to Crimea. Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly saying Russia could take Kiev in two weeks if it wanted.

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Strategy What Strategy?

The White House in damage control today after the late afternoon news conference from the White House where President Obama appeared to suggest the U.S. doesn't have a strategy when it comes to dealing with ISIS. President Obama said, "We don't have a strategy yet." The White House later clarified that there is a strategy for dealing with ISIS, but there wasn't a firm plan yet on air strikes inside Syria. Still it points to the divisions within the White House. Some there now calling for more aggressive action not only in Iraq and Syria but Ukraine too where Russia is clearly invading.

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