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Partial Government Shutdown Coming?

President Obama meeting with the Emir of Qatar. The U.S. has its largest military base in the middle east there. We could get tape playout form the top of their meeting during our show.

The funding fight for the Department of Homeland Security rages on today with a possible partial government shutdown looming. The GOP may try a new tactic today. Stay tuned.

President Obama could veto the Keystone Pipeline today.

A new survey says the number of Americans without health insurance dropped to its lowest level in seven years.

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Mall Threat

President Obama speaking to the nation's governors today at the White House. We'll monitor for news.

1110EST -- POTUS and VPOTUS deliver remarks to the Natl Gov Assoc in the State Dining Room. (POOL LIVE)

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It Was 1 Degree Outside Fox This Morning

Weather is one of our top stories today. As California swelters in an extremely hot winter, and wilts under it's fourth year of drought, temperatures are hitting record lows for much of the rest of the country. It's 1 degree (without wind chill) in New York City! Our Fox Extreme Weather Center is up and running..

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The Debate Over Labeling Terrorism

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Brrrr.. It's Cold Out There


Brutal cold for much of the nation. The Northeast could see wind chills of -35 degrees in some spots.

Congress off next week, and both Democrats and Republicans are spending the day bragging about their "accomplishments." Meantime, the DHS runs out of money thanks to Congressional inaction at the end of the month. This as polls show Americans still hold very negative views of Congress.

New York Times reporting the United States has been conducting secret raids to combat terrorists in Afghanistan.. Leland Vittert reporting.

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#NYFW - The Rebirth of Perry Ellis

Interesting evolution underway for the famous fashion label Perry Ellis. The sportswear brand was once one of the biggest names in American fashion, but after the death of Perry Ellis in 1986 it faded from the spotlight even as the label continued selling.

The addition of the designer Michael Maccari as creative director last Spring has returned the brand to national prominence. Perry Ellis returned to showing at New York Fashion Week last season.

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Turning Up the Pressure Dial on 2016

We're again examining the 2016 field. Great piece in the Wall Street Journal today about the growing pressure on Hillary Clinton to jump into the race. Here's some of that WSJ piece:

"Hillary Clinton is all but certain to seek her party's nomination, and there are no signs she will have a serious challenge. But there is some drama -- and tension among Democrats -- surrounding her timetable. Many of those close to her believe that the former secretary of state can wait as long as she wants and is best served by delaying her entry in the 2016 race.

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Hillary Clinton 2016 Positioning Beginning in Earnest

Hillary Clinton back in the spotlight. Politico has a great piece called "Hillary Clinton's Best Frenemies," about the likely Democratic candidate. Here's how they characterize potential competitors for the nomination, "Time and time again, when invited to criticize Clinton, her potential Democratic primary rivals have ducked, deflected and dodged.

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Shady Foreign Buyers & The U.S. Housing Market

The New York Times today published Part III of a five part investigative journalism series on the rapid growth of shell companies buying high-end properties from coast to coast.. oftentimes hiding profits from illegal activities, getting tax breaks, and not paying their fair share of taxes. Today's piece covers a shady real estate mogul from India named Kabul Chawla. The newspaper report shows Chawla has been able to buy a multi-million dollar Manhattan condo.. while hiding his identity. He's accused of ripping off hundreds of veterans in New Delhi.

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Hillary Clinton & Income Inequality

Hillary Clinton is facing a reckoning on the issue of income inequality as she decides on a run for the White House. The left is pushing for a run from Elizabeth Warren. Yesterday we learned the Working Families Party is pushing for a Warren run based in part on her propensity to go after income inequality. That's helping force Hillary Clinton to the left.. Here's how the New York Times put it,

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