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Strategy What Strategy?

The White House in damage control today after the late afternoon news conference from the White House where President Obama appeared to suggest the U.S. doesn't have a strategy when it comes to dealing with ISIS. President Obama said, "We don't have a strategy yet." The White House later clarified that there is a strategy for dealing with ISIS, but there wasn't a firm plan yet on air strikes inside Syria. Still it points to the divisions within the White House. Some there now calling for more aggressive action not only in Iraq and Syria but Ukraine too where Russia is clearly invading.

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Home Grown Terror Threat

Another American has apparently been killed while fighting for ISIS terrorists in Iraq. Remember we reported the ironically named Douglas McAuthur McCain was killed yesterday.. but apparently another American was also killed in the fighting. U.S. Intel sources tell Fox as many as three thousand foreign fighters are aligned with ISIS. We'll continue to explore the threat from homegrown terror today during "Happening Now." Catherine Herridge reporting.

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Maternity Madness

Jenna Lee is going to have her first baby any day now. Jenna told me it's been very hard to find clothes that fit that don't cost a fortune. She said the biggest lesson she learned is "maternity clothes matter."

Jenna said, "There is a point in pregnancy, and for me it was very early on..(within the first few weeks) where I couldn't just "go up a size."

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ISIS: Coming to America?

Homegrown terror back in the spotlight today after the news an American was killed fighting for ISIS in Syria. The Pentagon says Douglas McAuthur McCain went to fight for ISIS.. the same group that beheaded journalist James Foley. McCain converted to Islam from Christianity years ago, but his family says they had no idea he was fighting in Syria. There may be more than a hundred Americans fighting for terrorists overseas.

The U.N. says crimes against humanity are increasing in Syria because of ISIS.

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Earthquakes & Aftershocks

Aftershocks continue to rattle nerves in Northern California after a large 6.0 earthquake hit the Napa area early Sunday morning. There were dozens of injuries including 3 patients in critical condition including one child. There is widespread damage focused on Napa with its historic Victorian downtown. We've got Fox team coverage and some good guests.

There's also a fast-moving wildfire in Northern California's Weaverville. Folks in 150 homes were evacuated and more than 600 homes are threatened by the fast moving fire.

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Suburban Crisis

Police arrested 47 last night in Ferguson, Missouri.. where protests continued for a 10th night in a row over the shooting of an 18 year old man. The demonstrations were, fortunately, more peaceful with no reports of rocks or bottles being thrown at police. There was also no use of tear gas. Today Attorney General Eric Holder arrives in Ferguson for a visit and meetings with police and community activists. Tensions remain high.

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Another Night of Violence in Ferguson

There was another night of violence in Ferguson, Missouri as the story continues to explode. Last night at least 31 people were arrested after a curfew was ignored. Protesters threw rocks, bottles and Molotov cocktails at police. Some police say they came under gunfire. Officers fired tear gas and flash grenades. 2 people were shot (not by police).

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Ferguson on Boil

Ferguson, Missouri at the boiling point. The St Louis suburb exploded in violence again overnight with reports of looting, shootings, vandalism and clashes with riot police. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is ordering the National Guard into the town. Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer. There are wide discrepancies in what led up to his shooting. Friday police released a surveillance video showing Brown roughing up a store clerk and stealing merchandise, but the officer who shot him was reportedly unaware he'd just committed a crime.

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Bye Bye al-Maliki

Iraq's Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is stepping aside after nearly running Iraq into the ground. He's bowing to pressure from the West, from Iran and from inside his own country. It will allow a new government to form that will hopefully be able to take on the terrorists who have taken over much of the country. Yesterday President Obama said the work of U.S. soldiers and support personnel who've been conducting air strikes on terrorists, and helping move trapped religious minorities has succeeded in easing a brewing humanitarian crisis. Greg Palkot and Jennifer Griffin reporting.

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Breakthrough in Iraq

The Pentagon says U.S. airstrikes and Kurdish fighters have broken the ISIS terrorists' siege of Mount Sinjar. Thousands of trapped members of the religious minority group The yazidis have been able to escape. It comes as the U.N. declares the situation in Iraq a Level 3 Emergency. That will allow maximum aid to flow to the refugees of what has turned into an Iraq civil war. Terrorists have taken over much of Western and Northern Iraq. Hundreds of thousands have fled. We've Greg Palkot and Jennifer Griffin reporting.

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