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Eight Killed in Apparent Terror Attack in Tunisia

At least 8 are dead in Tunisia after gunmen attacked a museum in the capital of Tunis. The nearby Tunisian parliament building also evacuated. There are reportedly hostages still being held. Greg Palkot is reporting.

A man accused of conspiracy to provide support to ISIS will be arraigned today at 11am on terror charges. Tairod Nathan Webster Pugh is an Air Force veteran and was allegedly planning to travel to Syria and fight for ISIS. David Lee Miller reporting.

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Washington Drama

The Hillary Clinton email controversy continues to evolve. The fact that she used a private server for emails while at the State Department has shined new attention on the rest of career. Critics are now going after the extensive donations made to the Clinton Foundation by foreigners. There's new questions about whether emails related to those donations are among the emails deleted by the Clinton camp. Also in the spotlight now? Her use of charter planes while in the Senate also getting some new attention. Ed Henry reporting.

There's several hearings we're watching today.

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Robert Durst Busted

Robert Durst - the reclusive multi-millionaire - appeared to confess to multiple murders on the sixth part of a documentary mini-series on HBO. Durst was arrested again on Saturday in New Orleans. We've got Fox team coverage, and cover his extradition hearing at 11am today. We've got live reports and analysis.

We're also continuing our coverage of the Boston bombing trial which resumes today.

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NYFW: Rachel Zoe Branching Out

Designer and stylist Rachel Zoe has had a busy 2015. She's raising two small boys, and is now launching a new subscription service through her website, "The Zoe Report." It will deliver clothes and beauty products to subscribers four times a year. She's also recently announced a maternity line for Pea in the Pod.

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Hillary Clinton 2016 & The Media Obsession

House Oversight Committee will likely subpoena Hillary Clinton today to try and obtain electronic versions of private emails she sent and read during her time as Secretary of State. We're also learning, Mrs. Clinton was never issued a state department blackberry.

And Hillary Clinton isn't the only one who may have inappropriately used private email accounts. We'll have political analysis, and we're diving deep into why the media is so obsessed with Hillary (and Bill!) Clinton.

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Is Hillary Clinton "Too Big To Fail"?

"Mrs. Clinton, many Democrats say, is simply too big to fail." That's a key quote from a New York Times piece today on the continued fallout over the Hillary Clinton email controversy (which the New York Times broke BTW).

The Times argues most Democrats are shrugging off the email story, and are depending on the inevitability of a Clinton run to ‘lift all boats.'

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NYFW: J Crew Designers Talk Fall 2015

Fox talked to the two designers for J Crew about the Fall 2015 collections for men and women. Frank Muytjens is the lead menswear designer, and Tom Mora is the lead on womenswear.

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Hillary Comes Out Swinging

Hillary Clinton held a news conference yesterday afternoon at the U.N. on the controversy over her private email use while she was Secretary of State. The former First Lady defended her use of her own email servers and private email account as a matter of convenience. She says in hindsight, it might have been better to carry two devices (one for private use, one for her WH duties). The likely presidential candidate also said she had deleted about half her emails from her years as Secretary of State (most personal), but had turned over all emails related to her duties as Secy of State.

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Hillary Clinton to Address Email Controversy Today in a News Conference

The Hillary Clinton email story remains a top story. The former Secretary of State is expected to address the controversy in a news conference today... according to Fox News and other reporting. Mrs. Clinton is speaking to the U.N. on women's rights today at 1:30pm.. We'll be monitoring.

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The 2016 Field

The Hillary Clinton email story continues to develop with several prominent politicians weighing in over the weekend. Doug McKelway reporting.

Mike Emanuel reporting on a group of GOP presidential hopefuls who met in Iowa over the weekend. Today Democratic leaders are gathering of firefighters and first responders. President Obama delivers remarks at the NLC 2015 Congressional City Conference. He's talking about a program called TechHire designed to train and hire high pay workers in tech.

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