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Terror Comes to Canada

Canada is reeling today after what the Prime Minister called two terror attacks this week. Canadian PM Stephen Harper called the murder of a guard at Canada's tomb of the unknown solider at the National War Memorial "brutal and violent." Harper said "We will not be intimidated. Canada will never be intimidated."

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Ebola Fears Spreading

Ebola back in the top spot in our rundowns today as a Dallas nurse who treated the now-dead patient who brought the deadly disease from Africa tested positive. The female nurse became the first person to catch Ebola inside the United States. Texas now monitoring dozens who may have had contact with the nurse. Casey Stegall and Alicia Acuna reporting. Dr Manny is calling for the resignation of the head of the CDC over the botched handling of Ebola.

Another person has died from Enterovirus in the U.S. We should keep this on our radar.

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Stopping ISIS

The U.S. and the Coalition fighting ISIS terrorists have stepped up airstrikes in defense of the Syrian town of Kobani - under siege from ISIS. Despite progress by terrorists, the town hasn't fallen. There's been at least 25 airstrikes in and around Kobani. ISIS is shelling a nearby border town with Turkey in an attempt to cut off Kobani. Greg Palkot at the border for us again live. Meantime, AP today reports the U.S. airstrikes against Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria last month failed to stop a plot to blow up airplanes over the U.S. and Europe.. We'll discuss with our guests.

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Friendly Fire

ISIS terrorists continue to tighten the noose on the Syrian town of Kobani. They have the town surrounded on three sides. Syrian civil rights groups are demanding world powers to fight harder to save the Kurdish town near the border with Turkey. Kurdish protests in several cities in Turkey have led to the deaths of at least 14 people. Kurds in Turkey want Turkey to intervene militarily inside Syria to save the town. Greg Palkot reports from the border region.

ISIS shot down another Iraqi chopper today near the refinery town of Beiji.

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ISIS Advances

Airstrikes have rained down on ISIS positions near the strategic Syrian border town of Kobani today. Terrorists have come close to seizing the town near the Syrian border. In fact, an ISIS flag was flown over one building inside the town. Greg Palkot reports for us today from Sanliurfa, Turkey. Meantime, protests have broken out in several Turkish cities over the plight of the Kurds.

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Shock Move from SCOTUS on Gay Marriage

A surprise move this morning from the first day of the new Supreme Court term. The highest court in the land rejected five appeals of lower court rulings that made gay marriage legal in five states.

It means that gay marriage will soon be legal in 30 U.S. states and D.C.

Our legal panel weighs in.

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Ebola "Chaos"?

The Ebola case in Texas is not being handled well.

There is new reporting the apartment where the man who'd been in Liberia has still not been sanitized a week after he fell ill, and four days after he was quarantined.

Four other people live in the apartment. They are all quarantined there under armed guard. As late as Wednesday county officials were visiting the apartment without protection. 100 people are reportedly being contacted for signs of the deadly virus.

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Ebola & Enterovirus

A Dallas hospital under fire today after sending home that Ebola patient who is now under quarantine and being treated there for the deadly disease. The man went to the ER last Friday, but was sent home with antibiotics despite telling nurses he'd been in Liberia, Africa. Meantime, 12-18 people who had contact with the man are being monitored for the highly-contagious disease. They include 5 schoolchildren.

Another person is being quarantined in Hawaii for possible Ebola.

John Roberts, Casey Stegall, and our medical guests will weigh in today.

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Ebola Arrives in America

Ebola now here in the United States. Exactly what many Americans have been worried about has come to pass. A man who was in Liberia is now quarantined in a hospital in Dallas. Folks he was in contact with are being notified, and we are promised from public health officials and politicians that there is nothing to worry about. Some might find those words hard to believe since we were told the chances of it ever even making it to the U.S. were close to nil. We've got team Fox coverage and we'll talk with Dr Steven Garner and Dr Manny Alvarez about Ebola.

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Jon Scott Goes to Africa - His Trip So Far

I am, on what is Monday morning in the U.S., winging my way across the North Atlantic. Why one flies north from Dulles Airport in Virginia and then hugs the Canadian coastline in order to go south to Africa is still something of a mystery to me; even though I'm a student of aviation and quite aware that the world is round, it nevertheless seems odd that we've crossed Newfoundland and will overfly France in a looping arc to Ethiopia.

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