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Another Plane Crash..

Another plane has disappeared. An Air Algerie flight went off radar over West Africa. It has more than 110 on board. Amy Kellogg and Jonathan Hunt reporting.

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Cease Fire? Not So Far

Secretary of State John Kerry made a surprise visit to Israel today. He'll make stops in Jerusalem and the West Bank. He says there's been some progress in negotiations for a cease fire in Gaza. It's been two weeks of intense fighting as Israel tries to root out Hamas terrorists who are lobbing rockets at Israeli civilians. Israel has responded with a ground invasion of Gaza. More than 650 have died from both sides. We've got Fox team coverage.

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Fighting Raging in Gaza As Cease Fire Efforts Kick Off in Egypt

Fighting continues to rage in Israel and Gaza today. Israeli aircraft have hit more than 70 targets in the Gaza strip as rockets continue to rain down on the Israelis. An Israeli soldier is missing after a battle in Gaza, but it's unclear if he's been captured by Hamas militants or he is dead. The news complicates cease-fire efforts. Nearly 600 people have died already on both sides. Secretary of State John Kerry is in Cairo today trying to arrange a cease fire with the help of the Arab League..

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Russian Roulette

Our main focus today is again on two big international stories.. the downing of the Malaysian Airliner and the intensifying battle in Gaza between Hamas and Israel.

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Who Is to Blame in Death of 298 Souls in Plane Shoot Down?

Two big stories will dominate our coverage today.

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Immigration Becoming Big 2014 Issue; Creating Rifts Among Democrats Too

President Obama continues his push for more infrastructure spending today with a speech in Delaware. Vice President Biden is speaking in Detroit. We'll monitor both for news.

1215EDT -- Air Force One arrives New Castle Airport, New Castle, DE. WTXF LIVE / POOL TAPE

1410EDT -- POTUS makes remarks on investing in infrastructure at the Port of Wilmington in DE, in front of the I-495 Bridge. LIVE

1230EDT -- VPOTUS attends event for the MI Democratic Coordinated Campaign Cmte. Westin Book Cadillac, Detroit, MI. CLOSED

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What Me Worry? 3 Incidents in 3 Weeks at Labs that Are Supposed to Secure

House Rules Committee taking up the potential lawsuit by Speaker Boehner against the White House over executive orders. Mike Emanuel reporting.

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Highway Funding Road Kill? Hamas Rejects Truce, Israel Resumes Bombing

President Obama will speak on the economy during our first hour today. He's pushing hard for Congress to act on restoring funds to highway and infrastructure funding. The House is working on a fix, but it's unclear how much traction that's getting. The Transportation Department says the highway fund runs out of money the first week of August.

1110EDT -- POTUS tours the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center. McLean, VA. POOL TAPE

1135EDT -- POTUS delivers remarks on the economy. Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center, McLean, VA. POOL LIVE

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Ground War Coming in Gaza? Old Adversaries Acting Up: N Korea & Iran

There are new hearings this evening into the scandalized Veterans Affairs agency and how it's run. Mike Emanuel reporting. Shannon Bream reports on the new VA Secy.

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Pistorius Drama; Airport Security Crackdown; Hillary vs Obama; News on Obamacare

Hillary Clinton beginning to distance herself from President Obama as she gears up for a possible presidential run. Great article in the Wall Street Journal today on this. Meantime, Clinton says many of her speaking fees go towards charity. She's faced criticism for exorbitant speaking fees she's racked up since stepping down as Secretary of State.

New article from Politico suggests the GOP will run a national strategy in November.. Running against President Obama and the national agenda even in local races.

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