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WASHINGTON (AP) -- It's something people suspect could happen. But now for the first time, we're getting public confirmation of the possibility of cyberattacks against the U.S. by this country's rivals. Admiral Michael Rogers of the NSA and head of the U.S. Cyber Command says China and "one or two" other countries are capable of pulling off such cyberattacks. Such attacks, Rogers says, could do things like shut down the electrical grid and take down other critical systems in the U.S. Rogers tells a hearing of the House intelligence committee that U.S. adversaries continue to probe American systems to try to disrupt control systems that run critical thinks like water treatment plants.


LONDON (AP) -- Many people use a Web cam to keep tabs on their kids, their pets and so forth. But experts are warning that if you can check out what's happening with your Web cam online, so can others. There is a Russian site that does nothing but stream footage from Web cams online -- giving electronic peeping toms the chance to see anything from a child playing in South Korea, cattle in Austria to scenes from bedrooms, office buildings and shops. The site takes advantage of the fact that camera users get default passwords to use their Web cam -- making them easy to hack into. Many makers of such devices also list the default passwords online. Experts say to make sure you don't inadvertently start your own Web-based reality show, create your own password, instead of using the one you were given with the device.

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