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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- It's looking a little overcast for Apple's iCloud service. The company has posted a security warning for its online storage service. Apple says it has learned of "intermittent organized network attacks" -- with the suspects using the hacks to try to get user information. The post says Apple's own servers have not been compromised. Apple's post didn't mention China or provide any details on the attacks. But several news outlets have reported some Chinese Internet users have begun seeing warnings indicating they'd been diverted to an unauthorized Web site when they tried to sign into their iCloud accounts. Such incursions could let a third party copy and steal passwords as users think they are signing into Apple's service.


NEW YORK (AP) -- Staples says it is looking into a potential credit card data breach. The national office supply chain says it has reached out to law enforcement officials about the issue. And Staples says if it turns out that there were any problems as a result, customers won't be responsible for any fraudulent activity on their credit cards -- as long as it is reported in a timely way. It's the latest in an ongoing march of data breaches. Earlier this month, KMart's parent company reported a hack. Other data breaches have taken place at Target, Supervalu and Home Depot.

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