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Man Kills Mother with Long Sword

Updated: Tuesday, July 29 2014, 08:18 AM CDT

(From KFOX14) - LAS CRUCES, N.M. - A 35-year-old Las Cruces man was placed under arrest after killing his mother with sword, police said.


Joshua J. Hunt is accused of killing 56-year-old Lisa J. Cano, early Friday morning.


Detectives said Hunt woke up at around 4 a.m. and began contemplating the way his mother treated him over the years. Sometime before 7:30 a.m., police said Hunt went into his mother's bedroom with a long sword which he used to strike his mother's hand and head.


Hunt's 31-year-old wife and their two children, ages 8 and 9, were in the home. Police said his family is presumed to have been asleep at the time of the incident. After killing his mother, Hunt is believed to have walked into his bedroom and instructed his wife to call police.


When police arrived at the home at 5855 Organ Peak Drive, they were met by Hunt who appeared to be waiting for officers outside the home. Hunt was placed under arrest and faces charges of first-degree murder and tampering with evidence.


Officers found Cano's body inside the home.


Las Cruces police detectives said they have reason to believe that a long-standing feud between the two led to Hunt killing his mother.


Cano's friend and realtor, Paul Sims, said tension had grown over the sale of Cano's home.


Sims said Cano listed her house at the beginning of May.


"There was some tension about her wanting them to leave. I think her motivation to get the sign up was to encourage them to move along," said Sims.


Sims said he got a call Friday morning.


"They said someone at one of our listings had been murdered. I was hoping it wasn't Lisa but unfortunately it was," said Sims.


Sims described Cano as a gentle person who was a sculptor and painter.


"She didn't like confrontation she was a very gentle person. She hugged people coming and going. All of her texts said, 'Hugs. 'She was sweet and gentle and very non confrontational," said Sims.


He said Cano just left him a message two days ago and he had planned to call her back.


"Incredibly tragic. Incredibly sad. Just beyond words," said Sims.


But Sims said Cano never mentioned any violence in the home or any type of threats.


Neighbors who frequently chatted with her son said Hunt was very friendly and outgoing.


They said Hunt was always outside with his wife and their two kids.


"They were such a friendly, neighborhood couple. I'm in shock," said neighbor Emily Henry.


Henry said Hunt was very artistic and was known to rescue stray animals.


"They were always saying 'hi' to everyone," said Henry.


Hunt is expected to be booked into the Dona Ana County Detention Center where he will be held on a $500,000 cash-only bond.





Man Kills Mother with Long Sword

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