A surprising number of adults have no idea where chocolate milk comes from

Where does chocolate milk come from? (Photo: MGN)

(KUTV) You may be surprised to how many people have no clue where chocolate milk comes from.

Almost half of 1,000 surveyed adults recently admitted they didn't know the origin of chocolate milk.

Seven percent of adult surveyed Americans believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows, according to a recent study conducted by the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy. Another 48 percent admitted to “not knowing where chocolate milk came from."

If you are questioning where chocolate milk comes from the answer is this: chocolate milk is simply traditional cow’s milk with added flavoring and sweeteners. It's also a myth that chocolate milk is not a nutritious as white milk — because it's still milk, people.

Since June is National Dairy Month, National Agriculture in the Classroom has featured a kindergarten-level lesson to further teach Americans the basic the concept of dairy.

Here are four chocolate milk myths busted.

A few silly, fun statistics were also found by Food & Wine about how people drink their milk:

  • 37 percent of adult Americans still secretly drink milk straight out of the container, while another 29 percent use their kids as an excuse to buy chocolate milk for themselves.
  • Even though dairy has been proven bad for one’s health, only 5 percent of people abstain from drinking milk altogether, making it a continued staple in many people’s homes.
  • One quarter of participants reported taking a trip to the grocery store before 6 in the morning just to buy milk.
  • And an additional 95 percent of people surveyed currently have some type of cheese in their refrigerator.

So, even though an unfortunate number of Americans can’t seem to figure out how and where chocolate milk comes from, it’s safe to say that milk is still loved by America.