Ohio man bursts into patriotic song at Walmart

James Fruits sings the national anthem through the intercom at a Walmart in Osage Beach, MO. (James Fruits)

A man captured the attention of several local shoppers and many more on social media over the weekend.

James Fruits sang the national anthem over the Osage Beach Wal-Mart intercom, and the video has been shared more than a thousand times in the last two days on Facebook.

In an interview on Monday with KRCG 13, the Cleveland, Ohio native explained what led him to belt out in song.

"A friend of mine had posted on her Facebook page asking people to share the thing that they are certain none of their friends have done," Fruits said.

"And so what I posted was singing the national anthem in Wal-Mart."

"She replied back, 'video or it didn't happen,'" Fruits said with a laugh.

Fruits said he had done the stunt a couple times in the past. But, after standing and singing in the flag aisle of the store, managers wanted him to take it one step further.

Fruits said Wal-Mart workers thanked him for his efforts and rewarded him with a $10 gift card and a Wal-Mart cape. And it wasn't until days later Fruits learned the employee bought the gift card with her own money.

"My life's mission is to make a difference whereverI can," Fruits said.

"I love to see this happening here [Lake of the Ozarks] and to be able to bring joy to people and have it be something they appreciated and responded well to."

Fruits, who was raised in Warrenton, Missouri, serves as the Creative Arts Minister at Momentum Christian Church in Cleveland.

On Monday night, KRCG 13 had the pleasure of hanging out with Fruits, his wife Christie, and their three children Malachi, Mylee, and Max at their Lake of the Ozarks' condo. Fruits said they vacation at the lake every summer.

They didn't hesitate when we asked if we could hear some music.

Fruits said he is looking to use his video to bring awareness to cystic fibrosis, a life-threatening condition his 15-year-old daughter Mylee battles everyday.

If you would like to make a donation to Mylee's foundation to help find better treatments and a cure for cystic fibrosis, click here.