Cassette tapes, receipt found in old Georgia safe

This safe was found buried in the old Tindall Heights complex last week and will be opened at 4 / Eric Mock (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- A safe found near the Tindall Heights neighborhood was opened Monday afternoon.

After about 10 minutes of wedging the safe, it finally popped open.

Johnny Walker, Housing Authority Chair, reached inside and pulled out a wet piece of paper and two cassette tapes.

It appeared the tapes were the ones used to record voicemails.

After reaching in further, officials found a receipt from the Frank Irby Plumbing Company dated Oct. 13, 1992 for $2.31.

June Parker, Macon-Bibb Housing Authority Director, found some coins at the bottom of the safe.

Officials are still unsure the circumstances surrounding the safe's contents and burial.

Locksmiths Duane Johnston and Drew Stevens said the safe looks like it was handmade in the 1800s.

Johnston said it appeared to be a money drop safe. Historically, they buried the safes beneath floors and stowed money there.

Construction crews found the safe while demolishing the historic neighborhood.

Parker, said the safe was found last Thursday buried two feet in the ground near a flag pole.

Built in 1940, Tindall Heights is the oldest housing complex in Macon. Jackson said when built, Tindall Heights was the cutting edge of public housing.

Muriel McDowell-Jackson, Manager of Archives for Washington Memorial Library, said the complex was originally built for African American housing.

Demolition on the neighborhood began last May.

Before Tindall Heights, Jackson said the land was probably used for worker housing.