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The Power of Internet and Television
The powerful reach of television combined with the targeted, interactive nature of the Internet, delivers a powerful "1-2 punch" that no other local media can match. FOX KANSAS drives viewers to for the latest news, weather, sports and consumer information.

FOX KANSAS offers local advertisers the opportunity to reach a targeted, local audience with integrated on-air/online campaigns. We possess an unmatched power of promotion, driving viewers from on-air to online and back again.

The Internet Audience You Want
According to Forrester:
  • Your average Internet user is 46.6 years old (and rising)
  • 41% percent hold a college degree -- This demographic is decreasing.
  • Mean HH Income of the Internet user in 2003 is $64,063
  • Internet Broadband use is on the rise. Presently Broadband penetration has reached 23% of USHH
  • The fastest-growing segment of Web newbies is Americans over 55 years old with working-class incomes and middlebrow tastes.

These potential customers are directly targeted with your online marketing message. Your business will benefit from the incredible traffic generating ability of .

Internet advertising is Targetable, Trackable, Flexible and Interactive, One on one 24/7.
"What do I want, When do I want it, Where do I want it"

Why Advertise Locally Online?
Who better to deliver a local audience than a trusted local brand? 74% of users go online for News, Weather and Sports information. Over half of all online users look for local information. Local content drives the Internet. FOX delivers local content!

What’s web site has to offer your business:
  • Power of TV promotion.
  • Dominant local site
  • Association with highly trusted local brand
  • The ability to reach your target audience 24/7.
  • Gather consumer information through targeted e-mail programs and online contests.
  • The Internet utilizes the 9-5 hidden daypart.
  • The ability to reach people interactively ... while they are at work.
  • Local reach
  • Convergent on-air/online packages
  • Flexibility in delivering your Ad Campaign – exclusive sponsorships, content integration, streaming video & desktop applications
  • Performance-based marketing opportunities

Advertising Opportunities
  • Exclusive sponsorships – integrating your message within applicable content
  • Integrated content sponsorships (including Forums and Polls)
  • Content targeting News, Weather, Sports, Auto, Home, Entertainment, Financial, Health, Business and Consumer, Community and more
  • Targeted Outbound Email Campaigns (HTML)
  • Interstitials and streaming video delivery
  • Delivery to wireless devices
  • Desktop Application sponsorships
  • Navigation bar text links
  • Header position graphics
  • Contests and Registration
  • On-Air Support
  • 120 X 60 Tile Ads
  • And many more ways to meet your advertising needs!

Internet Quick Facts
"A significant part of the distribution of goods and services in this country is going to move from conventional channels to some sort of Internet system -- whether it's retail goods or services." -- Alan Greenspan, Federal Reserve Chairman

Did you know...
  • 66% of the U.S. population, almost 137 million households, accessed the Internet in March 2002 – (Harris Interactive)
  • 333.5 million e-mail accounts in the U.S. as of March, 2001. In 1998, there were 77 million accounts. (Messaging Online: Jupiter Communications)
  • 46% of American workers who surf the Net use it on the job for personal reasons. (Angus Reid Group)
  • 44 million Americans watch TV while surfing the Web. (Dataquest, June 2000)
  • By the 4th quarter of 2000, 68 million Internet users in the U.S. had purchased something online (up from 53 million in 1999) -- representing 55% of all Internet users (Boston Consulting Group, March 2001)

No medium has grown as fast as the Internet. It took radio 38 years to reach 50 million users. It took broadcast television 13 years and cable television 10 years. It has taken the Internet less than 5 years to reach that mark.

Isn't it time to take advantage of this incredible media? Advertise your business on and discover a powerful way to reach new customers and strengthen your relationship with current customers.

Contact Us
We offer advertising opportunities that will:
  • Reach thousands of local people per day in a more intimate and interactive forum.
  • Allow you to advertise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Allow your business to build a customer database of customers interested in your products and services!

For more information on how you can reach local online consumer contact:

Chuck Reid
Director of Sales
(316) 942-2424
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How can I contact my favorite show/celebrity or Who can I write if my favorite show has been cancelled?

I missed my favorite show. Can I get a copy of it?

Can I buy merchandise from my favorite fox show?

How can I get tickets to a taping of my favorite fox primetime show?

Q. How can I contact my favorite show/celebrity or Who can I write if my favorite show has been cancelled?

A. Write to:
FOX Broadcasting Company
Publicity Department
ATTN: (Show Title and/or Actor's Name)
P.O. BOX 900
BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90213-0900


Please be sure to ask the viewer to include the SHOW TITLE and/or STAR'S NAME on the mailing envelope or in the subject line of their email.

If you receive viewer mail at the station for FOX Network programming, please forward letters to the Publicity Department at the above address. Please write ATTN: VIEWER MAIL on the outside envelope.

Q. I missed my favorite show. Can I get a copy of it?

A. FOX Broadcasting does not distribute or sell videos of any of shows, specials or movies aired on the Network. Our recommendation to the viewer is to locate a friend or family member who taped the show when it aired.

FYI: The Network "leases" its shows from the production company for broadcast. The production companies own ALL the rights to video distribution. Occasionally, the production companies will provide a number at the end of a special where the viewer can purchase an authorized video release.

Q. Can I buy merchandise from my favorite fox show?

A. The latest FOX Prime and FOX Sports merchandise can be purchased online at the FOX Store at

Q. How can I get tickets to a taping of my favorite fox primetime show?

A. DRAMAS are closed sets and do not allow audiences to view while filming.

Most SITCOMS welcome audiences. When plans to visit the Los Angeles area are confirmed, call Audiences Unlimited at 1-818-753-3470 for tickets. Or visit their website at